Every Singapore Architecture Company’s Haven

Singapore’s eye-popping property prices, rising affluence and arguably the country with the highest concentration of millionaires, it’s indeed fertile ground for creating amazing houses.

Together with an impressively low corruption and crime index, Singapore has been successful in attracting lots of global MNCs to set up their headquarters, or at least plant an office here. A strong Singapore dollar and competent government certainly helps, further strengthening the long-standing reputation of Singapore as a mighty financial hub in Asia.

The demand for a diverse range of services, among them much-needed architectural services has skyrocketed, although not surprisingly.

Over the last 40 years, hundreds if not thousands of Singapore architecture companies have exploded in numbers all across the country, offering a comprehensive range of architectural services that range from master planning, architecture design, interior design, feasibility studies, project management and other related work scope. .

The rise of Singapore architecture companies

It would be a dizzying attempt to conclusively determine the actual number of Singapore architecture companies, but suffice to say that there are plenty to choose from, with most of them masters in their class. Many of them are locals, but Singapore has in the recent decade seen a sharp increase in talented foreign architects too.

Literally best of both worlds, where east and west design influences wonderfully intersect.

It would be difficult to find Singapore architecture companies to consist only local architects. And vice versa.  The benefits of having architects of different backgrounds are more far-reaching that we can perceive.

Over the decades, Singapore architecture companies have contributed immeasurably towards shaping the Singapore skyline that it would be a futile attempt to detail all of their masterpieces.

Singapore architecture at a glance

Singapore has an interesting mix of diverse cultures, religions and ethnicity. This is evident by the rich and colourful architectural designs born out of that – from residential, commercial, mixed developments, houses, malls, parks, and more.

Residential architecture

Primarily, residential buildings like houses and condos have specific design elements incorporated into them. Basements, stairs, attics, electrical lines and plumbing all form an integral part of residential architecture. Interior design also plays a big role.

Never straying too far from basic functionality, residential living spaces are close to our hearts.   Well-thought designs successfully capture the rich character of Singapore’s unique heritage – from the outside and the inside. Great paint jobs transform a previously dull façade, while clever positioning of the occasional steel and glass within adds a touch of sleek modernity, in keeping up with the taste of the increasingly global Singaporean.


Commercial architecture

Apart from sharing some fundamental similarities with their residential counterpart, commercial buildings typically have many more additions like elevators, escalators, parking structures, cafeterias, gyms, restaurants, large toilets and conference rooms.

They are also typically much, much larger. Size does matter, and that greatly influences and determines the overall commercial architecture  design.  

 The next chapter of Singapore architecture companies

While residential and commercial architecture share lots of common ground, they are still very different fundamentally, and Singapore architecture companies have been largely successful in their interpretation of balancing design and functionality.  

To their credit, Singapore architecture companies have continued to strut their stuff down the catwalk of great design and immortalizing their hard-earned legacy. Who would ever forget what Sir Winston Churchill once famously quipped “We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us”.

Well said Sir.

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